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Office of the Dean

Ms. Marilyn Muinjo , Private Secretary
TEL: 061-207-2325/ FAX: 061-207-9160

Department of Communication

Ms. Ndinelao PN Nghifimule, Secretary
TEL: 061-207-2890/ FAX: 061-207-2267

Department of Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Ms. Erna Daniel, Secretary
TEL: 061-207-2443/ FAX: 061-207-2310

Department of Social Sciences

Ms. Henrey-Idid Karobes, Secretary
TEL: 061-207-2392/ FAX: 061-207-

Faculty Officer
Ms. Gillian Feris
TEL: 061-207-2160/ FAX: 061-207-2401


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