English Communication Service Courses

Principles of Language Use (PLU 411S) (Institutional Core Course) – 1 semester
The course covers all four domains of language learning, namely writing and reading, speaking and listening.  Students are introduced to the basic elements of English grammar, academic reading and writing skills while continuing to develop their vocabulary.

English in Practice – 1 semester
This course develops students’ academic reading and writing skills.  Emphasis is on essay writing for different academic purposes, critical reading and summarising information both in writing and orally.

English for Academic Purposes – 1 semester
The course aims to teach, guide and assist students in order to communicate accurately, appropriately and effectively in academic speech and writing within an academic context. In addition, EAP aims to equip students with reading strategies to achieve fluency and competence in the area of vocabulary recognition and expansion in order to acquire a better command of English for purposes of reading and writing academic materials. The course also aims to develop and expand students’ linguistic competence, critical reading ability, and the ability to respond logically and effectively through writing and speaking activities (and case studies) related to their field of study. Furthermore, students enrolled in this course will engage collaboratively in course related on-line activities and projects in an effort to improve and expand on existing technological skills.

Professional Writing – 1 semester
The course aims to develop and adapt writing skills for a variety of internal and external audiences and effective audience-response strategies. Students’ development of critical thinking skills will also be supported. The course also aims to broaden the student’s vocabulary through various reading tasks and integrate the computer as an effective writing tool. In addition, the course will develop and enhance independent study and collaborative learning through the use of technologies.( e.g. Internet, Web 2.0 Tools)

Professional Communication – 1 semester
Professional Communication aims to equip students with the skills to formulate and assess arguments and foster competence to communicate across national and cultural boundaries. The course will develop their language and technical skills while studying topics such as meeting management and documentation, argumentation, conflict resolution, interpersonal and intercultural skills, professional presentations and interviewing skills. In addition, it will allow students to verify the value of written evidence in problem-solving cases, and to develop verbal (written and oral) as well as non-verbal communication skills that are relevant in professional contexts. The course will also encourage students to become more confident and interested in the etiquette and protocol of professional communication using computer technology. They will develop objective selection- and decision-making skills, as is required during interviews. Finally, students will develop and enhance independent study skills using technologies [Internet, Web 2.0 Tools, Chisimba, Blogs, Forum], and fully integrate the computer as the primary communication tool.

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