Research at the Faculty of Human Sciences

The Department of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies is pursuing various research projects that include profiling of the inmate population in Namibian correctional facilities; determining the volume of inmates who could be under correctional supervision outside correctional facilities; the Namibian Age- crime-distribution from various magisterial districts; and Fear of Crime and Punitivity Study

Research in progress

Bruyns, H.J., & Schulz, S.  2019.  Namibian Correctional Service: Architect or victim of the future. [Paper accepted for presentation at the 21stInternational Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA) Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina: ICPA, 27/10-1/11/2019].

Kauuova, A. & Bruyns, H.J.  2019.  The effects of occupational stress on correctional officers in Namibia.  Advancing Corrections. [Paper submitted 31 July 2019].

Bruyns, H.J., & Schulz, S.  2019.  Prison reform and inmate risks and needs profiling in the Southern African Development Community (SADC). NCRST Research Grant: NRF & NCRST 4th Bilateral Call 2018-2021. [NCS Final research report due 31 October 2019]

Luyt, W.F.M., Bruyns, H.J., Jonker, J., Schulz, S. & Du Preez, N., and Matshaba, T.D. Unit management in corrections: Law and administration. Pretoria: Juta [Writing of book in progress].

The following papers were presented at various conferences by the faculty members of the Faculty of Human Sciences:

  1. Drs Hennie Bryuns and Stefan Schulz, “ From analyses to action: A snapshot on the Namibian inmate population”, at the 15th International Corrections and Prisons Association Conference (ICPA) in Colorado Springs, 27 Oct - 1 Nov.
  2. Dr Rewai Makamani, “A Corpus Analysis of the linguistic encoding of HIV and AIDS discourse by the Kwaedza newspaper in Zimbabwe”, at the Biennial African Languages Association of Southern Africa (ALASA) Conference, in Pretoria, 17 - 19 July. 48 2013 ANNUAL REPORT Polytechnic of Namibia
  3. Dr Rewai Makamani, “A comparative analysis of the linguistic and discursive configuration of Zimbabwe’s anti-HIV and AIDS programme and views of the Zimbabwean people: what insights can be drawn towards the total eradication of the pandemic? ” at the Fifth Annual Research Colloquium at UNAM in Windhoek, 1 August.
  4. Dr Sarala Krishnamurthy, “ Literature and the Teaching of Stylistics: An investigation of the meta- discourse of teaching and learning literature in the Namibian context ”, at the Annual P ALA Conference in Heidelberg, 30 July - 3 August.
  5. Dr Josephine Ola-Busari, “What is in a Name? An Examination of Owe Indigenous Personal Names” at the University of Botswana English Department’s 7th International Conference themed “ Language, Literature, Theatre and Indigenous Knowledge”, Gaberone, 12 - 14 July.
  6. Dr Josephine Ola-Busari, “Revitalizing Owe Language: Exploring the Owe Forum on Facebook and Catholic Liturgical Hymns and Other Songs,” at the Joint West African Languages Congress (WALC) and the 26th Conference of the Linguistic Association of Nigeria (26 CLAN) held a t the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria, 29 July - 02 August
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