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+264 61 207 2763
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141, First Floor, Science and Technology Building
Dr Mare holds a PhD and Masters of Arts in Journalism and Media Studies from Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa. Mare also holds a Master’s of Science in Sociology and Social Anthropology and a BSc Honours in Sociology from the University of Zimbabwe. He also holds a Diploma in Mass Communication from Harare Polytechnic’s School of Journalism and Media Studies.
Research and Publications: 

Dr Mare is a senior lecturer in the Department of Communication. He lectures communication, journalism and media technology courses. His research interests include social media, digital journalism, democracy, digital campaigns, fake news and cyber-propaganda, media, conflict and peacebuilding studies.

Research focus areas/interests
Analysis of the complex intersection between technology and society, digital journalism, social media and politics, media and democracy, political participation, technology-enabled activism, youth studies, media and conflict, misinformation and disinformation and the role of artificial intelligence in newsrooms in the Global South.

Media Entrepreneurship
Media Ethics in the Digital Age
Development Journalism and Media
Journalism Writing 1
Science Journalism and Bioethics
Conflict Management and Indigenous Knowledge Systems
Advanced Academic Writing
Introduction to Digital Communication

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